BØRNS perform "Seeing Stars"

Had the opportunity to produce this piece for Interscope at Youtube Space LA, which is basically a giant nerd tech playground for filmmakers and youtube personalities located on the Google campus. There is a helicopter parked out front.

The coffee was also pretty good.  


BØRNS perform "10,000 Emerald Pools"

Oh yeah. This is BØRNS. They are all from LA, down the street actually, which is funny because I thought they were for sure going to be more of a UK pop band.


Chela performs "Love Is Selfish"

Filmed during the pilot taping of the Check Yo Ponytail Show, Chela jumps, sings, and shouts all over the stage in front of a live studio audience and makes a compelling argument. 

Press: Entertainment Weekly



Radkey performs "Start Freaking Out"

From that punk show I was talking about earlier with those radical teenager punk kid brothers. Shot for The Berrics. 


Dune Rats perform "Drugs"
Director / Cinematographer

In an unpredictable move, The Well hosted a punk show featuring Australia's Dune Rats. Lots of beer and slurred Australian dialects that night. 


Cherry Glazerr perform "All My Friends"
Director / Cinematographer

Back in February 2014, The Well wasn't particularly known for hosting punk and garage shows, but nonetheless they invited Cherry Glazerr out to perform. Glad they did.

Fun Fact: They are named after a host on KCRW.


Sandra Electronics: Live at Nuit Noire V
Director / Cinematographer

Not only does Highland Park based record shop, Mount Analog carry a range of eclectic noise and synth music from a range of different time periods, but they also one of the few promoters putting a live spotlight on these more abstract performers in the Los Angeles music sphere, for example this joint project from Karl O'Connor and Silent Servant. 


Streetwalker: Live at Nuit Noire V
Director / Cinematographer

Also, at Nuit Noire V was the Los Angeles live debut of Streetwalker, a coldwave noise project that features members from White Car and Mutant Beat Dance.


In Aeternam Vale: Live at Nuit Noire V
Director / Cinematographer

French Minimalist, Laurent Prot, has been creating experimental music from analog synthesizers since 1983, making this Los Angeles performance 20 years later a truly special occasion.