L.A. Girlfriend: "Runner"

It's basically Rocky IV with Kung Fu training elements and a whole lot of determination. Oh, and this is my sister.

Press: Impose


Bleached: "Poison Ivy"
Director of Photography / Editor

Filmed in front of a live studio audience as part of the pilot taping for the Check Yo Ponytail Show. 

Press - Noisey / Stereogum


Glass Candy: "The Possessed"
Motion Photographer

Alberto Rossini invited me to contribute some of my archival performance footage of Glass Candy as part of this montage for Italians Do It Better.

Press - Pitchfork / FADERStereogum / FACT


Para One w/ Cam'ron, Irfane, and Teki Latex:
"Every Little Thing"

Director of Photography

Talking Cam'ron doll hallucinations, Tank Girl references, and the dude from Empire Records.

Press - Pitchfork


Japanther: "Something to Do"
Actor / Stuntman

Here's one of the handful of music video appearances i've made over the years. Funny enough, most of them involve action sports and usually some light to medium destruction. I think I rip apart a Teddy Bear in this one.

Franki Chan: "Okinawa '96"
Original Score Composer

In 2011, Franki Chan created a video art installation piece for the Scion Video Art Series. The piece was created using old vhs dubs of his time spent living in Okinawa. During the process however, he found it wasn't quite how he remembered. 

As for the score, my friend Esther Yim was kind enough to come make weird sounds with her cello into a few delay pedals, resulting in the wonderful noise you hear throughout the video. 

Totally Michael: "Summertime"
2nd AD / Stuntman

Besides being one of my first set jobs, this video for IHEARTCOMIX artist Totally Michael featured exploding cakes, party wizards, and a ton of cameos including Spank Rock, L.A. Riots, Toxic Avenger, Andy San Dimas, Flosstradamus...

I was one of the skateboarding TVs and can say with confidence that skating with a greenscreen cardboard box on your head is exactly as difficult as it sounds.

The Toxic Avenger: "Toxic Is Dead"
Actor / Production Assistant

This was one of the first major projects I helped out on when I started working at IHEARTCOMIX. Franki Chan and I showed up to Roy's Gas Station in the middle of fucking nowhere on Route 66. They made me, "Roy." 

Fun fact: The guy who directed it did a bunch of CGI stuff on The Matrix.