Sometimes I write songs and then sometimes I perform them if I have enough friends around. 

Confetti me I.jpg


Here are a selection of recordings i've been involved with over the years. Most of them were recorded in a variety locations, mostly living rooms and garages. Some of the pieces were with my sister for her L.A. Girlfriend project. My sister is pretty cool.


CC001 - Confetti: No. 1

I think this was released on my birthday. It's kind of like my version of milestone tracking, I guess. I will say they are some of my favorite songs to play live.

The cover art was taken from a painting by an old friend of mine from Seattle. I wish she would paint more. 


CC004 - Confetti: L-SE

There was a loose storyline to this record, wherein the listener finds themselves listening to the dreams of a couple in bed on a rainy night.

The cover art is from a floral manipulation series called, The Error Garden. The series features flower profiles i've taken throughout my travels and manipulated through a photo app created by Boys Noize.